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This is an event in the Universal Studios Japan Jurassic Park area!
They love Jurassic Park and watched all the movies!
子供 フルーツキッズ Baby twinsgirl


Disneyland! fear! Gadget's Go Coaster! "Kuma-san's Honey Hunt" ☆ Princess Bell ☆ Fruit Channel ☆ Disneyland Latest Attractions

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I have uploaded a vlog of very cute Japanese girls, Momo-chan and O-chan.
In the video, the girl is playing with new Japanese toys such as
Popin Cookin, Mel-chan, Anpanman, etc. I also go on trips, Osaka, Chiba, Okinawa, various places
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TDL ディズニーランド「ベイマックスのハッピーライド」エントリー大成功!☆当選確率アップ☆Fruitkids

TDL ディズニーランド【恐怖!スプラッシュマウンテン】最前列!3歳が乗ってみたら Disneyland  Fruitkids

TDLディズニーランド アトラクション【大泣き!大喜び!】☆Disneyland Fruitkids

Universal Studio Hollywood USA. ユニバーサル スタジオ ハリウッド


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